YCLA 2017 FINALISTS: Where Are They Now? – Yentel McGaw

With the 2018 YCLA Gala Event in just a few months, we wanted to take the time to share more on the 2017 YCLA Finalists and what they have been up to.
Today we are featuring Yentel McGaw!
Since last year’s 2017 YCLA Gala, Yentel has volunteered with a new organization called United Against Bullying to help educate the youth on how to prevent bullying and how to support those who are victim to it. Yentel says that it’s given her the opportunity to help develop leaders from a younger age. Learn more about the organization and watch a video with Yentel below:
Yentel has also started a new role at Cayman Turtle Center as the Human Resource Manager where she hopes to implement and lead the CSR program.
She was also named a rising star in the Whats Hot magazine August 2018 edition of “Caymans Next Generation” and was also the keynote speaker for the JGHS graduating class of 2018 where she spoke to almost 2,000 people in attendance.
When asked what advice or word of encouragement she would give to other Caymanian leaders, she said:
“To stay focused on their end goal. It’s not an easy title to wear, “leader”, is hard to gain and sometimes easy to lose but stay focused, committed and inspired to leave behind a legacy they are proud of.”
We are so proud to call Yentel one of our own and grateful for her work among our community and other Young Caymanian Leaders!
Stay tuned in the week’s to come to continue to learn about our 2017 Finalists and next month for our new 2018 Finalists!