Help shape the YCLA 2020 rebirth

Through careful evaluation, the Young Caymanian Leadership Awards Board of Directors made the decision to reimagine the overall leadership awards programme for 2020 and beyond.

With the launch of a public survey, focus groups and stakeholder interviews in 2019, YCLA commenced repositioning efforts with plans to relaunch the awards in 2020.

“We felt this to be the perfect time to embrace feedback from our rich alumni group, the community and most importantly, the up and coming leaders of tomorrow. The rebranding and repositioning of the awards in our 20th year is the perfect way to celebrate how far we’ve come and to adapt to meet the needs of the next generation of leaders. By embracing global insights and combining it with local feedback, YCLA will be reimagined to create the most impact on leadership development and recognition in the Cayman Islands.” says YCLA Board of Directors.

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