Spencer West on Redefining What Is Possible

“All my life I have been redefining possible. If I can do it, you and your organization can do it too.” – Spencer West, Motivational Speaker from the WE Organization
Spencer West is the YCLA 2018 Gala Keynote Speaker and has a great message to share around redefining what’s possible and working together as a community to do so.
After losing both legs from the pelvis down at the age of five, he entered a world that might have easily defeated him. However, he has chosen to rise above and attempt the impossible each day in everything he does – specifically showcased in climbing the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro, just using his arms and hands.
Spencer also believes that a true leader knows when to ask for help. He said in one of his speeches that,
“There seems to be this unwritten rule that as we get older and climb the ladder, we can’t ask for help. But that’s not true, because we have to be able to ask for help because we can’t do things on our own.”
Through Spencer’s life and his message, he truly has embodied how it really does “Take a Village” in order to redefine possible and succeed in life.
Spencer believes that “the mark of a successful person is not whether they run into obstacles or face hard challenges, or even face hard times. It’s the lessons they have learned from those experiences.”
To learn more about Spencer, watch the video >>HERE<<.
If you wish to join us on November 10th at the Kimpton Seafire Resort to celebrate this year’s finalists and hear Spencer speak in-person, be sure to reserve your tickets as soon as possible – they are selling fast! Email Brianna at brianna@ycla.ky.