YCLA 2017 FINALISTS: Where Are They Now? – Stacie Sybersma

With the 2018 YCLA Gala Event in just a few months, we wanted to take the time to share more on the 2017 YCLA Finalists and what they have been up to – continuing with Stacie Sybersma.

Since last year’s 2017 YCLA Gala, Stacie has continued investing in the community through her heart for science and the environment, in particular through the Coral Reef Exhibit with the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands.

When asked about the project, she shared that the highlight of this collaboration was giving a lecture, free to the public, on July 12th called “Coral Reefs 101.” In it, she shared what coral is, what a reef is, why coral reefs are important to Cayman, and who the major stakeholders are. The exhibit is actually still on display, so please go support Stacie and the National Gallery by visiting it.

Stacie has also been involved with a new project at her place of work, CUC, called the #ThinkRoadSafety campaign in collaboration with the Water Authority and Logic.  Stacie says, “the goal of this campaign is to remind everyone to drive safely, and share the road with ALL users.”

Stacie and Matt Brown, another 2017 Finalists, actually go to work on the video portion of the project together. You can watch the video below:


Stacie is also investing in her own leadership through a year-long leadership and management course taught by ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) and continues to mentor other young women and serve on various committees such as the National Trusts Environmental Advisory.

When asked what advice she would give to other Caymanian leaders out there, she said,

“True leadership is authentic. People are inspired by people, they connect to your humanity, kindness, perseverance, and passion. My advice to any leader, or leader-to-be, is to embrace who you are, where you come from, and the lessons that you have learned, and share them with others. Also, never forget to laugh at yourself and admit your mistakes.”

We are so proud to call Stacie one of our own and grateful for her work among our community and other Young Caymanian Leaders!

Stay tuned in the week’s to come to continue to learn about our 2017 Finalists and next month for our new 2018 Finalists!