2018 YCLA Finalist Kacey Mobley

With the 2018 YCLA Gala Event coming up on November 10th, 2018, the Young Caymanian Leaders Foundation wanted to take the time to share more on each of our finalists – starting with Kacey Mobley!

Inspired by her Christian faith, Kacey is committed to cultivating a lifestyle of leadership, service, and mobilization with others to affect transformational change centered on social justice.

Equipped with a Master’s degree in Sociology and Bachelor’s degrees in Sociology and Political Science, Kacey is dedicated to using her knowledge and experience to make a difference in Cayman’s social problems. She believes that priority should be given to objective research projects that inform policy and multi-agency strategic intervention. Her commitment to excellence and evidenced-based work was reflected in the numerous academic accolades she received throughout her tertiary studies.

Kacey’s professional career has mainly been in the criminal justice and educational sectors. She has been employed as a proud civil servant for the past 5 years and is currently a Senior Probation Officer at the Department of Community Rehabilitation. In this capacity, she leads a large team of Probation Officers in delivering rehabilitative and intervention services to Grand Cayman and the Sister Islands. Envisioning a safer and healthier Caymanian community, the organization aims to reduce crime by working alongside justice-involved individuals, empowering them to make positive cognitive and behavioral changes.

In addition to her professional service, Kacey is known for her active role in the community. She has served in strategic leadership roles with nonprofit organizations such as Let Me Live and Generation 4:12 which exist to empower youth and young adults. She also volunteered in various organizations focusing on child welfare and development. Her efforts have also extended to supporting numerous persons through crises locally; and providing international relief by traveling abroad in at least 16 mission trips.

Age: 28

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Political Science from Lee University; Masters of Science in Sociology from Florida State University

Employment: Senior Probation Officer with the Department of Community Rehabilitation


  • Promoted to Senior Probation Officer quickly in her career. Co-led research study contributing to gender-specific services, leading major restructuring projects and assisting in the training of young Caymanians.
  • Key leadership positions in Azalea Rehabilitation Home/Mentorship Programme, Let Me Live and Generation 4:12, as well as other organizations in the past.
  • Participation in at least 16 mission trips (3 she co-organized/led) and completion of 6 months of missionary training in Mexico.
  • Young Adult Representative for United Church Council Summit in 2015.
  • Recipient of numerous scholarships, academic awards, and assistantships.


For Cayman to be a just and socially healthy country that sets an example for the world through its thriving individuals, families and communities, as a result of proactive, inclusive policies and community mobilization.

Core Message to the Youth:

“First, live believing you are loved and treat those around you with love. If you operate from a place of value and confidence, then you will have the freedom to be yourself and take leaps of faith. If you live in fear of hurt and rejection, then you will limit yourself and anticipate failure. Second, turn any struggle/failure into a story of victory and purpose; allow God to transform your ashes to beauty.”

Personal Interpretation of “It Takes a Village:”

“This well-known phrase speaks to the idea of a community uniting for a common purpose. It reminds me of the Cayman I knew growing up and the Cayman that we can still have, with a little more intentionality. As community members and leaders, it is imperative that we come together in grace, faith, and support to create effective positive change in our community. This includes having a spirit of inclusivity so that everyone in the “village” is valued and provided with a voice. For me, the heart of the concept “It Takes a Village” reminds me of the African philosophy Ubuntu which I discovered reading Desmond Tutu’s book ‘No Future Without Forgivenesssome years ago. It means “My humanity is caught up, is inextricably bound up, in yours…We belong in a bundle of life. We say, “A person is a person through other persons.” Based on this premise, every individual is vital and is as vital as the collective. Those who serve as leaders must, therefore, come together but must also unite with and empower the ones they are serving.”

We are so proud to call Kacey Mobley one of our Finalists this year and can’t wait to celebrate her and the other four finalists at this year’s YCLA 2018 Gala Event!


This year’s gala event will be held on November 10th at the Kimpton Seafire to celebrate and honor this year’s YCLA 2018 Finalists – Kacey Mobley, Kimberley Conolly, Samuel Young, Staci Scott, and Wilbur Welcome. Tickets for the YCLA 2018 Gala Event are available but are selling out fast. The cost is $250 per person. Corporate tables of ten are also available for $2,500. The event is November 10, 2018, at the Kimpton Seafire Resort and Spa. The theme is “It Takes a Village.” Doors open for the reception at 6 pm. At 6:45, doors are closed to accommodate the live telecast. Doors re-open after the broadcast for the remainder of the evening to celebrate.

If you wish to purchase tickets or tables for this year’s event, please contact Brianna at brianna@ycla.ky.